Capitol View Park Citizens Association

The Capitol View Park Citizens Association (CVPCA) is comprised of the residents of historic Capitol View Park, Maryland. The CVPCA mission is to foster and advance issues of public interest in Capitol View Park and vicinity.  These efforts are lead by the CVPCA Executive Committee (or Board), which is comprised of volunteers elected each November.  

The CVPCA is able to host activities and fund numerous projects thanks to its dues-paying members. Although paying dues is not required to be a member of the CVPCA, dues-paying members receive the privilege of voting in CVPCA elections and on other proposals brought before the community.  Dues are only $25 a year per household.  Payments can be made electronically via Paypal ( and choose "Family & Friends") or Venmo (@CVPCA-Dues), or by mailing or dropping off a check to Andrew Kostrub, 10209 Grant Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

In addition to paying annual dues, members can support the CVPCA in other ways as well.  Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for and participate in our calendar of annual events, including the Earth Day cleanup event, Rockin' Block Party, and Turkey Trot.  And if you have any ideas for new events or activities, please let us know.  We're always on the lookout for new things to do!  

Stay Connected

The CVPCA Board regularly send out updates and information about the community. 

To sign up, visit here.


The CVPCA is led by the following volunteers:

Sherry Zuckerman

Julie Corliss

Pat Mulready

Andy Kostrub

Phil Bonomo


Ulla Buchholz

Rochelle Cohen

Felice Stadler

Robin Peters

Kerstin Florian-Staguhn

Cortney Barry

Board meetings are being held once a month.